Is God good?

"Why do you believe God is good? This is the question for a new video contest sponsored by B&H Academic. If you are a college student taking at least 12 hours per semester you can enter. The winner will receive $5,000. Enter here." (But first read the fine print below.)

- Dr. V

The Fine Print: It will probably be helpful to move to the U.S. prior to submitting one's entry, since the contest is open to U.S. colleges and universities only. Whether one moves to the U.S. or not, the video contest should be philosophically interesting, so let's keep a lookout for the winning entry. (Dembski's book looks philosophically interesting, too.)

Introducing Radical Orthodoxy

I have been reading the work of a theologian named John Milbank who is the founder of an recent theological movement called Radical Orthodoxy. This interview on CBC radio explains it. They present an interesting reading of the history of philosophy and its relation to theology, in particular the relationship between faith and reason. Enjoy!

Evangelical Philosophical Society

For your information, here is the EPS December 2009 newsletter. Merry Christmas to all! - Dr. V

The Best Of Both Worlds