A Change Is Gonna Come

The title says it all. Christmas has come and gone again this year, a rather sorrowful Christmas this year for many as yet another school shooting makes headlines across the world. Creation cries out in unison with its creator and saviour as he makes his sounds from a manger.

Story vs. story

Story vs. story? In other words, we should apply critical thinking to worldviews, religious or secular.  For a philosophically insightful article about stories, read Elizabeth Sunshine's "Choosing a Story: 'Life of Pi' and Worldview".  For another insightful article about Life of Pi, read Michael Leaser's "Fluff Pi", World Magazine, December 1, 2012.  (Not so incidentally, next semester Providence University College is offering a Critical Thinking course and a Philosophy of Religion course.) 

Friday Philosophy Lunch Cancelled

Please be advised that the Philosophy Foosball lunch for Friday, December 7, has been cancelled.  Students are encouraged to focus their minds on their studies and paper writing.  Students are also encouraged to focus their appetites on the Christmas Banquet, which begins at 6:30 in the Student Life Centre.