New Apologetics Links

Looking for some summer reading to tide you over until Dr. V's philosophy courses begin? Then check out the 'Christian Apologetics Links' and 'Philosophy Links' sections of the PFC blog. They have been updated with several new links to philosophers, apologists, and apologetics organizations of note. There are also many other interesting links available on the right-hand side of this blog.

Also, for more links, take a look at Apologetics 3:15's list of 100 Christian Apologists, and their Christian Apologetics Blog Directory. Happy reading!

Creation Trailer

Hello Philosophy Foosballers! I hope your summer is going swimmingly. In no time at all we will be back at Providence. In the meantime, check out this trailer for the movie Creation, a new bio-pic about Charles Darwin. We might have a public screening of this movie sometime in the Fall. It looks like it will stimulate some philosophical debate about the relationship between science and religion and, more specifically, between Christianity and Darwinian evolution.