William Lane Craig and Richard Carrier on the Resurrection


If you want a full debate on the resurrection with Richard Carrier, see his debate with Michael Licona here. And if you like reading off a computer screen see Carrier debating Jack O'Connell on the resurrection here.

Science and Religion

A debate between Alvin Plantinga and William Lane Craig versus Quentin Smith and Ricahrd Gale.

Rorty On Truth

Mathematically Defining Functional Information In Molecular Biology - Kirk Durston

via Uncommon Descent.

Wittgenstein on Language

From Derek Jarman's film Wittgenstein (1989).


The question for discussion is how does Rorty's view compare with the Christian Worldview? How does the Greek Worldview compare with the Christian Worldview? Can we synthesize Greek-Pragmatic concepts with the Christian Worldview? Or do they have to be rejected?

Dan Dennett On Breaking The Spell

You will be surprised by some of the things Dennett says.

An Argument From Religious Experience

Kudos to Victor Reppert at Dangerous Idea (another excellent philosophy blog).

Click the title for the link to the article.

What do we think Philosophy Foosballers? Do religious experiences validate religious beliefs?

For Further Reading:
  • "Voodoo Epistemology" by Keith DeRose, an analysis of the famous "Great Pumpkin Objection" to Reformed Epistemology.

Craig Debates

So if you haven't picked up on this yet, I'm a pretty big fan of William Lane Craig. I've been reading Reasonable Faith over the Christmas break and I have enjoyed it thoroughly thus far. FYI, Craig has some debates with some prominent atheists (Richard Carrier, Quentin Smith, Christopher Hitchens) coming up. The Philosophy Foosball Club might need to take a field trip.

William Lane Craig vs Christopher DiCarlo: Does God Matter?
University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada
January 26, 2009

William Lane Craig vs TBA: Does God Exist?
Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada
January 27, 2009

William Lane Craig vs Quentin Smith: Does God Exist?
University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
January 28, 2009

William Lane Craig vs TBA: Does God Exist?
York University, Toronto, Canada
January 29, 2009

William Lane Craig vs Shabir Ally: Did Jesus Rise From The Dead?
McGill University, Montreal, Canada
February 11, 2009

William Lane Craig vs Wes Morriston: Does God Exist?(Focus on Kalam Cosmo. Argument)
Westminster College, Salt Lake City, USA
March 16, 2009

William Lane Craig vs Richard Carrier: Are Moral Facts Evidence of God?
Northwest Missouri State University,Maryville, USA
March 18, 2009

William Lane Craig vs Christopher Hitchens: Does God Exist?
Biola University, La Mirada, USA
April 4, 2009