Easter is the celebration of Jesus' resurrection. But did Jesus actually rise from the dead? Here's a 9 minute portion of a debate between two important philosophers, William Lane Craig (yes) and Alex Rosenberg (no):

For further reading: Easter and philosophy, Believing Christmas because of Easter, and Did Easter Happen?

Happy Easter!

Thinking about Wealth, Poverty, and Free Enterprise

Does free enterprise lead to an ugly consumerist culture?

Philosopher Jay W. Richards attempts to answer this question in Part 7 of "Eight Most Popular Myths about Wealth, Poverty, and Free Enterprise."  Food for thought.

Jay W. Richards is (among other things) a research fellow at the Acton Institute.

Faith Beyond Belief

This looks like a good conference: Be Ready: Reasonable Faith in an Uncertain World.  Where? Calgary.  When? March 8 & 9, 2013.  Speakers include William Lane Craig, J. P. Moreland, Clay Jones, Craig Hazen, Irving Hexham.