Promoting Providence

This is an excellent promotional video of Providence University College.  Many thanks to Bob Wiebe (VP Educational Marketing Department), Camren Friesen (Nice! Productions), Bethany Dueck (music), and Joel Coursey (script).  Clearly, students should come to Providence!  P.S. Providence offers a minor in philosophy.

On Plantinga's new book

Philosopher Jay W. Richards has begun what promises to be a very careful review of Alvin Plantinga's new book (on science and religion), Where the Conflict Really Lies.  Look here.  - Dr. V
Many people have asked me, "What's the point of studying Philosophy?" and "How are you going to make any money doing so?" Well I have finally found an answer for these skeptics. By appealing to the consumerist culture of North America, Philosophers have discovered a way to profit off the ignorant masses by means of philosophical merchandising. Go ahead, browse around, maybe you'll find something you'd enjoy, or maybe you'll finally be able to prove to your dad that you can make a living off philosophy. Check out the Unemployed Philosophers Guild for more details.

On Miracles

Here is an interesting interview with Craig S. Keener about his new book Miracles.

- Dr. V