The Dawning of a New Era

Hello fellow philosophers!

I, Ryan Turnbull, am your new Philosophy Foosball Club Blogmaster. I thought to kick things off I would give you a brief introduction to the man who's mediocre ramblings you will be forced to endure throughout the next year or so.

I am eighteen years old, from Russell MB and have been a Christian for the larger portion of that time. I grew up on a farm and attended an Alliance Church which is how I learned of Providence. I graduated from Major Pratt School in 2010 and headed to Prov that fall. I began working towards a BA in Biblical and Theological Studies, and hope to graduate in 2013.

As for my philosophical interests, those began in grade 11 when I took a week-long enrichment class at the U of W, it was really interesting, but really frustrating because everyone else was an atheist. I came to Prov and ended up taking 4 philosophy courses and joining the PFC. I have to admit that Dr. V has contributed immensely to my understanding of philosophy and how I view the world. Truth matters folks.

I have a special love for apologetics, not necessarily searching out people to debate with, but knowing why I believe and what I believe, so that, if necessary I may give a defense for my faith. I'm especially interested in ethics, or morality, the nature of good and evil and the like.

I still have much to learn, as do we all, I hope this next year of blogging, discussing, and foosball playing will be great fun and will lead us into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, and give us a greater understanding of some answers to the most important questions.

New Blogmaster!


It is my privilege to make two announcements on behalf of the Philosophy Foosball Club blog:

1. Jordan Byggdin has graduated from Providence College (congratuations Jordan!) and has retired as our blogmaster (we will miss you).  Jordan Byggdin will henceforth be known as PFC blogmaster emeritus, joining our first blogmaster Mark Jensen in holding this prestigious title (only two persons in all of history hold this title).

2. Ryan Turnbull has accepted the position of blogmaster (three cheers for Ryan!).  We look forward to having Ryan at the helm of the PFC blog.

- Dr. V