The Dawning of a New Era

Hello fellow philosophers!

I, Ryan Turnbull, am your new Philosophy Foosball Club Blogmaster. I thought to kick things off I would give you a brief introduction to the man who's mediocre ramblings you will be forced to endure throughout the next year or so.

I am eighteen years old, from Russell MB and have been a Christian for the larger portion of that time. I grew up on a farm and attended an Alliance Church which is how I learned of Providence. I graduated from Major Pratt School in 2010 and headed to Prov that fall. I began working towards a BA in Biblical and Theological Studies, and hope to graduate in 2013.

As for my philosophical interests, those began in grade 11 when I took a week-long enrichment class at the U of W, it was really interesting, but really frustrating because everyone else was an atheist. I came to Prov and ended up taking 4 philosophy courses and joining the PFC. I have to admit that Dr. V has contributed immensely to my understanding of philosophy and how I view the world. Truth matters folks.

I have a special love for apologetics, not necessarily searching out people to debate with, but knowing why I believe and what I believe, so that, if necessary I may give a defense for my faith. I'm especially interested in ethics, or morality, the nature of good and evil and the like.

I still have much to learn, as do we all, I hope this next year of blogging, discussing, and foosball playing will be great fun and will lead us into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, and give us a greater understanding of some answers to the most important questions.


Hendrik van der Breggen, said...

Thanks for the post, Ryan. "Truth matters folks." I like that! - Dr. V

P.S. On why truth matters, I recommend Vishal Mangalwadi's book Truth and Transformation. (Christianity Today describes Mangalwadi as "India's foremost Christian intellectual.")