N.T. Wright on Debate about Homosexuality

I think that Anglican Bishop Tom Wright's call for the careful use of reason in the debate on what Scripture says about homosexuality is most appropriate.  Speaking of careful use of reason, the Rev. Dr. Brett Cane, of Winnipeg's St. Aidan's Anglican Church, has written a very helpful article: "The Bible and Homosexuality."  Speaking of debate, I notice that Oxford University Press has recently published an interesting new book: Debating Same-Sex Marriage.  I pray that we would use reason well to discern truth, and that we would show gentleness and respect to those with whom we disagree.

P.S. Five posts on the blog version of my newspaper column Apologia attempt to set out some careful reasoning on homosexuality.

P.P.S. New York pastor Tim Keller provides a helpful reply to the charge that Christians are inconsistent in the way they allegedly ignore some Old Testament passages while accepting other passages that say homosexual behaviour is a sin. See pastor Keller's June 2012 article "Old Testament Law and the Charge of Inconsistency".


Hendrik van der Breggen said...

Remember the West Wing episode in which president Bartlet tells us about the silliness of the Bible passages on homosexuality? Here is a 15 minute podcast in which philosopher William Lane Craig debunks the president's "biblical" arguments: Reasonable Faith - West Wing Homosexuality Episode.

Hendrik van der Breggen said...

The Old Testament tells us not to eat shellfish and not to engage in homosexual sex. Today, some people wonder why Christians object to homosexual sex but not the eating of shellfish. What gives? Here is a very short and helpful video from the One Minute Apologist, featuring Dr. Michael Brown speaking on the types of laws of Leviticus (ritual purity laws vs. universal moral laws). Look here.