Darwin Day

Okay this is quite late (I have been quite busy lately), but someone from the Foosball Club suggested I post about Darwin Day. ID advocate Jonathan Wells has written an article in the Washington Times about why he thinks Darwinism is unsupported by the evidence and is an outgrowth of materialist philosophy. He comments on the status of people who want to make February 12th a day dedicated to the legacy and influence of Charles Darwin (the same day as Abraham Lincoln's birthday). I personally would take old Abe, but that's just me.

Unfortunately an article this short can't offer any convincing argument which would adequately persuade another of Wells' position. On the other hand, it does raise questions about the assumptions we have about Darwin's theory which could push us to further questioning, reading, talking to scientists, philosophers, etc. And an issue as controversial as the scientific status of ID and the evidential status of Darwin's theory of evolution by natural is likely to trigger hostile reactions on both sides. So we need to be critical and respectful.

Have fun and enjoy the article.


Anonymous said...

Dr. van der Breggen,

This was the first year I really heard much about Darwin Day. I can't say I minded.

It gave me a chance to refer people to Darwin himself, and particularly the conclusion of his most famous where he states that his theory "accords better with what we know about the laws impressed by the Creator." Those in contemporary discussions who draw a too clear distinction between the religious and the scientific, and suggest that one is fitting for the classroom, and one not, would do well to remember Darwin's words...

Just a thought.