William Lane Craig in Canada

William Lane Craig was recently in Canada and starred on the Michael Coren Show. Some might complain that the debate was slanted (Michael Coren is a Christian), but it was still a stimulating discussion. Craig's opponent was fairly respectful which made the discussion much more easier to get through. Enjoy!

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Jordan said...

Small world, I just watched this video yesterday! It was interesting, although an odd pairing of debaters (a philosopher vs. a cognitive scientist). There were a lot of issues put on the table during the short discussion and nothing was discussed in very much depth, although I think Craig did a better job of actually presenting formal arguments than his opponent did. I think the most interesting part of the show was the discussion on what one could conclude about the purpose of life after one has decided that God doesn't exist.

I guess the host was a bit biased, but I like that he was engaged in the dialogue and courageous enough to step in when he thought something was amiss. And he added some humour.

I wish more talk shows would have the guts to tackle issues like this. If more of life's big questions were discussed in popular mass media we would have a better informed world and more opportunities for discussions around the water cooler that go deeper than the football game or the weather.